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Pre-School Ministries

Our preschool Sunday school teachers have many years of experience in working with and ministering to preschoolers. They seek to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our preschoolers while sharing with them in creative and age-appropriate ways God’s love for them. Our kindergarten class is currently a part of the first and second grade Sunday school class, we are prepared to have a separate kindergarten class, if the need arises.

Childcare, Nursery

First Baptist Church offers a nursery each Sunday for infants and toddlers during the Sunday school hour so that parents may attend a Sunday school class of their choice. This ministry is also offered on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm during Adult Bible study. Extended session for infants and toddlers is offered at both the 9:00 am and 11:00 am worship experiences each Sunday. First Baptist also offers childcare for infants and toddlers for special and seasonal events during the church year.

Mission Friends (ages 2-5)

Is offered on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm, during the school year. Mission Friends is designed by the Woman’s Missionary Union for preschoolers to learn about both International and North American missionaries. We also teach our preschoolers about our own missionaries from First Baptist Church. We know that preschoolers learn best through play and exploration, so this is the kind of approach we take to educate our preschoolers. We welcome all children ages 2-5 to join us.

Preschool Choir

Meets at 6:00 pm as part of the Mission Friends hour. Preschoolers learn to sing as a group as they are taught concepts such as learning to stand still while singing, building confidence to sing in front of a group of people, and developing self-control. The Preschool choir sings several times a year during Wednesday night prayer meetings as well as few times at the 11:00 am Sunday worship experience during holidays. This group always manages to delight all who hear them sing their precious Bible songs.

First Baptist Preschool

The purpose of First Baptist Preschool preschool is to provide a multifaceted ministry of service and nurture to children and their families manifesting the love of Christ in the following ways:

  • Supporting Christian families in spiritual rearing of their children by providing quality childcare in a Christian atmosphere.
  • Nurturing children through meeting their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs.
  • Teaching parents and others, by example, adult/child interaction patterns based on principles revealed in scripture.
  • Fostering greater intimacy and interdependence between individuals and families with our fellowship.

Download, print, and fill out these documents for FBP registration and turn in at the church

*Please call to inquire about opening before sending in application.

Ages served:

Six weeks to five years of age

Class Ratio:

Infants 1:3 – Toddlers 1:4 – Two Yr Olds 1:5 – Three Yr Olds 1:6 – Four Yr Olds 1:6


Each class has both a lead teacher and an assistant teacher. All lead teachers are required to have his or her Early Childhood Credentials or a degree in an early childhood related field. All lead teachers and assistants are certified in CPR and First Aid. Teachers are also required to obtain continuing education credits each year in order to further their knowledge in the area that he or she teaches. Each teacher must have a background check before being hired.


First Baptist Preschool uses a theme based curriculum when working with our children. Teachers use the following methods to teach and explore themes with children: literature, art, music, games, and other group activities. In addition to the use of themes to teach children about the world around them, the staff works to prepare children for entering kindergarten. Toddlers and Two year old children focus on colors, shapes, and other simple academic concepts. Beginning in the Three year old class, children are introduced to Letterland, which is the phonics based reading program used by the Watauga County Schools system In addition to Letterland, three year olds will learn about opposites, rhyming, simple math, and more.

Four and Five Year Old Class:

While we do not call this class a transitional kindergarten per se, the children are learning all the concepts taught in a transitional kindergarten. We take a unique approach to learning which is based on structure, love, and hands-on learning. Children are met at their own level when they enter, and we construct a curriculum that will expand their knowledge to a kindergarten level. The concepts we teach in this class include letter sounds and recognition, counting to 30, recognizing and spelling color words, learning patterns and other early literacy/math skills. Children are also exposed to advanced skills such as counting by 5’s, early sight words, and vocabulary. We act as partners with parents by providing daily reports as well as quarterly progress reports. Above all, we make sure that our children know they are loved.


Our operating hours are from 8:15 am-12:00 pm.


Two Days a week - $148.00 | Three Days a week - $195.00 | Five Days a week - $289.00

$10 extra for children in Toddler Class.
$20 extra for children in Infant Class

Registration Fee: $50.00
Tuition is on a monthly basis

Parent Testimonials

“My son has attended First Baptist Preschool since he was 1 year old. I have been so happy with FLC - the teachers are so caring and wonderful. Bryson has learned so much and I feel like he is well prepared for kindergarten. The teachers are so dedicated to the children. I would recommend First Baptist Preschool to anyone and everyone.” - Shannon Hawkins

“First Baptist Preschool has been an instrumental part of my son’s early childhood development. The 3 year old class taught him important socialization skills among children his own age. The 4 year old class has far exceeded our expectations in preparing him for kindergarten. FLC has become an important part of our family.” - Anna Hovancik

“We could not be happier with our choice of preschools for out son. FLC has been an integral part of our lives for the past five years. Not only has our son received a wonderful academic foundation for his future school career, he has been immersed in a loving and caring environment. The teachers at FLC truly love our children and it shows in everything they do. We know our son is well prepared for kindergarten academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually thanks to the quality preschool experiences at FLC.” - Crystal Brook

Contact Information:

Telephone - (828) 264-2490 or Email

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If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at (828) 264-2441.