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*Call 828-264-2441 to reserve a spot Sunday Morning in the Sactuary.*

To enter The First Baptist Church of Boone, we ask everyone to follow these guidelines:

  1. Self screen. Do not enter if you are sick or have a high risk of carrying Covid-19.
  2. Practice social distancing (maintain 6 ft spacing). When possible, avoid contact with others and surfaces.
  3. Enter the building through defined entrances (College Street M-F, King Street Sunday)
  4. Wear a mask. Cover your nose and mouth at all times (Children 2 and under should not wear masks, and other children may struggle to wear masks). 

When coming to the sanctuary for Sunday morning worship:

  1. Please enter the sanctuary using the King Street entrance
  2. Ushers and greeters will assist you
  3. Hand Sanitizer available.
  4. Masks will be provided if you do not have your own
  5. Pews available for sitting will be marked. Please maintain social distance.
  6. Households with children are encouraged to sit on the piano side of the sanctuary.
  7. Follow guidelines for entering The First Baptist Church of Boone.

When coming to the church office:

  1. Please call and let the church staff know you are coming
  2. Follow guidelines for entering The First Baptist Church of Boone.

To reserve a meeting space during the week for your SS class, committee, or small group:

  1. Please call the church office and reserve a space, Monday-Friday.
  2. Request use of the fellowship hall, prayer garden, parking lots, fireside room (college), Youth area (youth), Music Suite (music), Room 127 (children)
  3. Follow guidlines for entering The First Baptist Church of Boone